Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

Transparent and efficient execution

By delivering useful information and efficient execution our Paris based ETF sales trading team delivers the top quality services our customers deserve. We have a broad client base consisting of asset managers and fund managers, pension funds and insurance companies, investment banks, hedge funds and family offices. We offer an extensive understanding of the ETF specifics: spreads, tracking error, replication method, liquidity and volumes. We offer ETF selection/screening on an issuer-neutral basis to save time and money, ETF comparison, daily flow analysis, excellent relationships with all issuers for efficient access to relevant product information and a weekly ETF newsletter. We cover and trade all ETF’s, from all issuers and in all regions, on both primary and secondary markets. We have global access to a large number of liquidity sources, banks and market makers, with quality, speed and low execution cost. We have the ability to execute programs, during the day or at the close. We follow the best execution policy (MiFID) and offer information on the best timing to execute an order along with speedy and highly competitive prices for a transparent and efficient execution