Cash Equity


Seasoned professionals

Our London and Paris cash equity desks are composed of seasoned professionals hailing from banking, brokerage, sales, and analyst backgrounds. We provide equity solutions and optimize client access to special situations, specializing in equity, options and rights.

We offer broad access to global markets, covering the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our clients include hedge funds (special situation; long/short), asset managers (long; pension funds), delta1 desks, volatility desks, proprietary trading and program trading desks.

We provide our clients with two primary types of research products: Market Watch and Special Situations. The aim of Market Watch is to provide market mover information and trade ideas, including: daily morning news, market monitoring, press at a glance, broker note summary, earning result preview, trading ideas, US and EU macro research. The aim of Special Situations is to provide special situation trade ideas and news flow, including: daily news, risk arbitrage, share class, right issue, stub trading, Dutch auction and other special situations.

Our trading team is dedicated to providing the best execution through personal service covering: single stock equity execution, basket trading, program trading, algorithmic trading, pairs trading, FIX orders through an OMS system and volume-weighted average price (VWAP).